When more and more preschools around the country (including Luleå) expand and introduce "large preschools" with large groups of children and open landscapes, we at Kideus have instead made an active choice to stick to the small groups of children and more "smaller" areas.

At Kideus there are 5 wards, one of which is for children aged 5 years.

We always work with small groups of children and have 14 children as a target in each department.

At Kideus we have proper cross-country skis and boots so that all children who want to have the chance to try skiing.

At Kideus, we also have a collaboration together with the Cultural School, Porsön's library and with Teknikens Hus where, among other things, we have free access to their premises and to their incredibly talented pedagogues.

As the only preschool in Luleå municipality, we at Kideus are unique in offering swimming to our 5-year-olds.

We at Kideus think it is important that all children, regardless of background, should have the same opportunities to learn and to have the chance to try new things.
Therefore, we offer all the children the opportunity to try skiing, learn to swim and to have the opportunity to participate in various cultural events such as theater and various plays.