AIR is a department that consists of 14 children and 3 teachers.


We want to lay the foundation for lifelong learning in all children based on the child's own conditions and needs. Care, development and pleasurable learning go hand in hand.

This is done by:

That the adults should be the children's role models.

That we have an approach that is based on a respect for the child, its needs and abilities, so that the children learn to face the world with interest, curiosity and tolerance.

That we encourage children to explore the world around them.

That the education we offer rests on a scientific basis and proven experience.

That we let the children use all their possibilities of expression.

That we believe in the children's abilities and take advantage of their own experiences and needs and what they are interested in.

That we have a plan for mother tongue support.


We want to encourage movement and physical activities. We know that it provides better conditions for learning if the children have good physique. We want to stimulate both gross motor skills and fine motor skills. We want children to learn healthy eating habits and a healthy diet

This is done by:

That we go out and play often - at least every day.

That we have gymnastics, dance and do various movement games.

That we encourage children to climb, jump, run and move.

That we go to places with challenging play environments.

That even the small children should walk and minimize the use of prams.

That we let the children cut, bake, wood beads, puzzle, carpentry and sew.

That we offer nutritious healthy meals cooked from scratch.