EARTH is a department that consists of 14 children and 3 teachers.


We want our preschool to be characterized by care and warmth. Children should learn to consider, respect and understand other people regardless of gender, social or ethnic background.

This is done by:

That we have clear norms and rules.

That we meet all children and adults.

That the adults are good role models and treat everyone equally.

That we help the children to resolve conflicts and to compromise.

That we have zero tolerance for violations and exclusion.

That we are afraid of our play material and our environment at the preschool.

That we want to teach the children to look at the person they are talking to, say thank you and welcome others to our preschool.


We want to make visible how digitalisation affects the world and our everyday lives

This is done by:

That we use iPads with a varied range of digital activities

That we train the children to program and solve problems and put ideas into action

That we teach the children how the tool (computer, Ipad, smartphone) works and how to use it in their everyday life