Fire is a department that consists of 14 children and 3 teachers.


We want every child to develop into independent individuals who are aware of the right to their physical and personal integrity. We want every child to feel safe and secure during their preschool years.

The children are prepared for a good start in their development with the help of the educators and the other children.

This is done by: That we pay attention to every child. That we talk to the children. That we have clear rules and routines. That we train conflict resolution. That we encourage children to show emotion and empathy.


We want to give the children the opportunity to influence their situation and the preschool's activities. We will listen to the children's opinions, thoughts, needs and interests and design the activities and the environment accordingly. We want to give them knowledge of what democracy means.
We want to pay special attention to the fact that girls and boys have an equal opportunity to influence.

This is done by: That we encourage children to take their own initiatives. That we plan together with the children and let them influence the menu, activities or purchases. That we adapt the environment so that choices can be made. That we let the children see the consequences of their actions in different situations.