SPACE is our 5 year group who work together 3 days a week together with two of our adventure educators.


We want to give the imagination and play a central place in our preschool and give the children opportunities to have uninterrupted time to play. In free play, children develop all their senses, their social skills, their thinking activities and consolidate their knowledge. The educators must arrange for play, make sure that there is material, keep track of the play, see when support and inspiration are needed and when not to disturb.

This is done by:

That we make room for the game and participate as inspirers.

That we monitor the game and do not allow closed doors.

That we have a permissive, respectful and warm attitude to the children's play and avoid interrupting.

That we have inspiring play materials that stimulate and invite play.

That we avoid distractions and too many toys.

That we use traditional games such as rule games, movement and mind games.


We want to offer a wide range of creative activities that enrich the children's existence in preschool. We want to give children the opportunity to lustfully develop all their senses and explore different materials, techniques and forms of expression. The process is the important thing not the end result.
This is done by:

That we give children access to creative materials both freely and under supervision.

That we provide opportunities to create, both individually and together with other children.

That we offer different materials and techniques and forms of expression such as image, form, movement, song, music and dance.