WATER is a department that consists of 14 children and 3 teachers.


We want to create a stimulating language environment and give time for a lot of conversation. We want the children to learn to dare to talk and tell in front of others and to listen and respect when others talk. We want the children to develop their vocabulary and concepts, their ability to play with words and their sense of written language.

This is done by:

That we give the children time to talk and to express their thoughts.

That we have access to good literature.

That we use the library's range of stories, fairy tales and non-fiction books.

That we read and show pictures to the children daily and talk about what we have read.

That we use rhymes and rhymes.

That we sing.

That we dramatize.

That we go to theater and other possible cultural events.

That we encourage interest in reading and writing.

'That we use signs as support.


We want to make mathematics, science and technology visible as part of the children's everyday lives. We want to offer an activity that in different ways challenges the children's understanding of the subjects and give the children experience of nature and environmental protection in practice.

This is done by:

That we use mathematics and construction in our daily activities.

To build, create and construct using different materials such as lego, duplo, bricks, fabrics and cartons.

That we compost and sort waste.

That we grow and harvest in our kitchen garden.