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Katrin Martén

I started working at Kideus in 2012 as a preschool teacher, and then took over the business on my own. Today I work as a principal and also fill up in children's groups when I get the opportunity. My goal is to, with the help of love, curiosity and care, run a preschool that is like a second home for children, guardians and staff.

Carola Persson

I work as a preschool teacher and deputy principal at Kideus. My vision is to be an educational leader and to make everyone grow as a person no matter what role they have in preschool.

Frida Aronsson

Hey! My name is Frida Aronsson and I am 29 years old. I am originally from Värmland but moved here for studies. I like technology 🙂

Johnna Ahlm

My name is Johanna and I have been working at Fire since 2019. For me, it is important that the children feel safe. The field I like best is science

Sara Olsson

I have been working as a teacher here at kideus since January 2016. I would describe myself as a caring, spontaneous and emotional person, which I also want to convey to the children as I think it is important that they also dare to show all their feelings. Then I am a little extra passionate about health / sports and outdoor play, I like to spend time on the ski track or in the snow piles with the children, all physical play where you get to train your gross motor skills is an extra challenge that I love to work with!

Lovisa Andersson

I have been working as a preschool teacher here at Kideus since June 2021. My goal is for every child to feel safe and secure in their exploration together with educators and the other children in the children's group, in order to dare to ask questions and hypotheses in and around their learning. Dialogue, mutual respect and security are the cornerstones of my approach as a preschool teacher. In working with children, I have a predilection for the aesthetic learning processes, especially image and creation.

Horrieh Nanas

I am a happy and positive babysitter, children in love and soft and kind and give a lot of love to the children. My role is to create security for the children and that the children are safe with me.

Julia Grönlund

Frida Engqvist-Bolander

I have worked as a preschool teacher at Kideus since 2018. I enjoy working with science and aesthetic learning processes.

Fredrik Andersson

Since 2010 I have worked at Kideus I want to be a co-discovering supportive educator who sees great value in adventure pedagogy where we through imagination and play stimulate learning and development together with the children.

Sara Mårtensson

I have been working as a babysitter at Kideus since 2021, after having changed from the pharmacy industry. I was born and raised in Luleå and am a little extra passionate about creative creation.

Lena Sundqvist Eriksson

Stina Edström

Stina, preschool teacher. I have been at Kideus since autumn 2015. I like working with TAKK (signs as an alternative and complementary communication).

Tahrir Milhem

my name is Tahrir is from Palestine, came to Sweden in 2009. I am basically a florist. I have also worked as a florist during the time I learned Swedish. I started working at Kideus in 2014 at the same time as I trained as a babysitter. My ambition is to create security, understanding of everyone's equal value, fun learning through play and creation. For me, it is the children's interest and need to manage the business so the children challenge and create full development with joy.


Thank you for keeping my children safe and for all the hugs and all the fantastic things they learned from you. ❤️❤️

Have several times reflected that you seem to have fun together! Research (including my own, haha!) Shows that colleagues and the social are one of the most important things to enjoy at work. In addition, I am 100% convinced that our kids also benefit from you having a good time together. Super good and competent bunch!

👏👏👏 Thank you for everything you do ❤️ all of you are so good!