KIDEUS 'outdoor environment consisting of two farms, meadows, hills and forest offers children both challenging and nature-changing environments. By doing regular forest excursions, we see that the children have developed an interest and understanding of nature.

With an adventure as a traction aid, learning becomes more exciting and meaningful at the same time as the group is strengthened by solving assignments and making new discoveries together.

Adventure pedagogy is an exciting way of looking at teaching that puts both health and learning at the center. Adventure pedagogy creates opportunities and commitment, promotes both subject knowledge and social interaction and also develops trust, security and good hug relationships.

At KIDEUS, we have two educators who are trained in adventure pedagogy, and it is used daily in the work with the children.

We at Kideus think it is important to have good and healthy food. We cook the food from scratch and some days we have freshly baked bread. The children get fruit and vegetables every day. We also try to keep sugar / salt intake down and use natural ingredients.