Everyone has the right to a language

Among the most important things in children's lives and also crucial for an intellectual, emotional and social development is to be able to develop their language. With the help of language, we help the children at KIDEUS to understand themselves, their surroundings and to sort out experiences.

TAKK is a method, which is based on the same sign as in the Swedish sign language but is used together with spoken language. The children master the gross motor movements of the signs before they have the ability to shape the language fine motor with the mouth. That is why signs become such an important gateway to language.

Give your child a head start

Being exposed to and learning English early in preschool gives the children a head start when primary school takes over and makes everyday life exciting and educational with new languages. At KIDEUS, we introduce English to children already when they are one year old.

For many children, signs are a way into communication and participation. For other children, it will be a support, a clarification and a reinforcement of the spoken language. The signs give them a linguistic tool to be able to interact. At KIDEUS, we use signs in all types of teaching to reinforce and clarify the message in the best way.